two headlines for LIVE SENT

The book is in final edit!!! We are told that there may be a hard copy ready by September 16th. Praying that is so. Should have a pre-release available for sale on "AMAZON Kindle" before then. I really hope the book will be an encouragement … Continue reading two headlines for LIVE SENT



This past Friday, I finished the book. This afternoon, I will be submitting the content as a final manuscript. There will still be some minor editting, but it's done. It's a bit surreal. I will let you know when its release date is.Ā  Thanks for … Continue reading finally

collecting stories

I am collecting stories of people living sent. Please submit yours in the comment section below by leaving a reply. I am finishing up the book for final draft, and I want to include stories from other contexts besides our own. So, if you don't … Continue reading collecting stories

some other live sent videos

For those of you who are interested, here are a few other videos that follow up the intro video on the "intro" page. I hope they encourage you and inform you further about the message of LIVE SENT as God continues to teach us about … Continue reading some other live sent videos

well, it’s underway.

Well, it's underway. Thanks to many of you who have encouraged, spoken into, pushed, and even kicked me in the rear to get going on sharing the message of LIVE SENT. Please surf the site and shoot me some feedback. It is "live" but certainly … Continue reading well, it’s underway.