The purpose of Live Sent Consulting is to equip churches and non-profits for everyday relationships and life-giving engagement.

For CHURCHES, the focus is on equipping them:

  • to live WITH Jesus instead of just living FOR Jesus
  • to be IN CHRIST instead of just being IN CHURCH
  • to invite ALONG instead of just inviting TO
  • to live in the RHYTHMS of JESUS instead of just the rituals of man
  • to mature WHILE multiplying instead of just maturing THEN trying to multiply
  • to become an answer to the PRAYER of JESUS rather than just wanting an answer to our own prayers

For NON-PROFITS, the focus is on equipping them to have:

  • a clear identity and purpose
  • defined values and strategy
  • measurable mission
  • life-giving results
  • financial innovation and security

With 25+ years in church, non-profit, and for-profit leadership, hopefully Live Sent Consulting can encourage you toward your desired outcomes.

We always try to work within your budget, so pricing varies. CONTACT US to talk about the possibility of working with you and your leaders.